Ice Dam & Snow Removal


At Pal's we also specialize in snow and ice dam removal.Whether you need your home or business's roof cleared leave it to the pros at Pal's.


No matter how big or how much snow has accumulated we can handle it.  


Don't risk your home or businesses roof caving in, stay safe with Pal's.

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If your gutter looks like this in the dead of winter you could ruin not only your roof but water may seep into you home ruining your walls, creating mold and causing you to pay thousands in repairs.

Did you know that 10” of snow x 1 Cubic Foot = Approx 24 lbs of snow an Average 12 x 12 Deck with 10” of snow has 3,456 lbs of snow weighing down the header board and joists. Call for Free Estimates, Same Day Service is Available.

A roof clear of heavy snow is safer for your family & less stress on your home's structure.

Residential and Commercial Ice Damn Removal.

Pal's offers the latest steam technology guaranteeing results



We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Property

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